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Default Joe Satriani - Chickenfoot Tour Pedalboard

Here is the pedalboard Joe Satriani currently uses on tour with Chickenfoot

VOX Big Bad Wah pedal EHX Pog Polyphonic Octave Generator EHX Micro POG
Voodoo Vibe VOX Satchurator Distortion IBANEZ FL9 Flanger
VOX Time Machine Delay VOODOO LAB Pedal Power - pedalboard power supply
VOODOO LAB Proctavia MXR EVH Phase 90

Joe's guitar tech for 22 years - Michael Manning talks about Joe's equipment:

My Gear
fender stratocaster mexico + mxr dyna comp + proco rat 2 + mxr carbon copy + laney cub10
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In this Lick Library video Mr. Satriani talks with Danny Gill and shows us his pedalboard and amps

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Always loved Joe's work and his keen sense of pedals and position.
I noticed he dropped the ICE 9 for what looks like a dual AC or something, anyone know that box? I tried so hard to like and use the Vox JS series, I finally dropped them off my board. I cannot find happiness with most overdrives, I would like to know if that is a dual AC Xiotic Joe has there. I am currently using a RIVERA Blues Shaman.

I am not so sure Joe uses the Satchurator these days as his new Marshall Signatures are the highest gained Marshall's to date as I've been told. PS to those who like the Satchurator, JHS does a mod on them, makes them much better. Anyway, always a fan of Joe, not so much Chickenfoot, I seriously hope Joe does not stop G3 or his solo work, of which there is no comparison to Chicken.

Sammy is like 60 something these days, isn't it about time to stop the stupid lyrics and dumb songs?? I just cannot listen to Chickenfoot, I cannot stand the stupid songs. Seriously Joe, instrumental is where it's at. Wizzards and Wormholes is just soooooo goood!

Personally I can only handle Sammy back in the Montrose LPs, great stuff. Joe keep your day job, and Sammy, quit high school you are never going to graduate.
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